The Blockchain Technology Act comes into force in Illinois

2 min read

blockchain technology recognized in the state of Illinois

State of Illinois, in the USA, legalize smart contract and blockchain technologies An industry study announces 2020 as the breakthrough year of the blockchain technology and of the smart contracts. The phenomenon, sometimes misunderstood, seems to get to the heart of the matter! The correct definition and implementation of smart contracts is what has attracted the attention of the legislator. For this reason, the state of Illinois legalizes the smart contracts and the blockchain technology. Within and parallel to the phenomenon of distribuited ledger technologies, among which the blockchain stands out, we now hear daily talk about smart contract, also…...

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Raffaella Aghemo Innovative Lawyer and Business Consultant, and recently Co-Founder of IUSINTECH Team, Raffaella has worked as the director of a communications agency for many years. A legal soul lent to marketing and business, she has made this combination of skills her strong point! She writes legal insights in her specializations (IP, innovation technology, communication, blockchain). Actually, she's following a blockchain development project in the luxury sector. She loves reading, writing, and movies.