Climbing the Liquidity Ladder

5 min read

Big things are happening with private market liquidity. Just as the tokenization fad crashed and burned, a much bigger wave of PE secondary transactions took off on a hockey stick growth path. The successful efforts have the right attributes for their level of exchange. They fit themselves into good slots on a liquidity ladder. Assets are moving up and down the ladder This ladder becomes more interesting when you realize that issuers and investors have incentives to move between categories. In the past ten years more than 4 trillion dollars of assets have moved from public to private categories. Now they…...

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Andy Singleton Andy is a software architect, CEO/CTO, and student of innovation. He is currently working on HumanDB, a new architecture for delivering automated medical advice, and Unbundled Fund, a better investment structure for digital private markets. He is the founder of Assembla, a SaaS collaboration company, PowerSteering Software, an enterprise SaaS company, Creation Mechanics, an evolutionary algorithms company, and employee #2 at SNL Financial. He has an undergraduate degree from Harvard.