On Artificial Intelligence and Surveillance Capitalism

16 min read

Intro: From Super-Elixer to Dangerous Dark Art Big Tech, which is always now: AI-fueled Big Tech, has made shopping, searching, connecting to friends on your preferred platforms astonishingly easy. Which is why the masses, including you and I, have given them our blessings without further ado.  When, next to that, we read that AI defeats humans at chess, poker and Go – and very recently also reaches the status of grandmaster in StarCraft II – we humble humans only can bow our heads in admiration for such wonders. Very recently, Google Health claims breakthroughs in AI-assisted breast cancer cures –…...

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Carl Rohde Prof. Dr. Carl Rohde writes for DDI on the New Tech Forces and their cultural-sociological impact and meaning for contemporary and future culture and society. During the last ten years Rohde occupied professorate chairs in ‘Future Forecasting & Innovation’ in Shanghai, Barcelona and the Netherlands. Rohde also leads scienceofthetime.com a virtual network of trend spotters and market researchers worldwide.