Helpful Behavioral Economics Concepts for the Business-Minded

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In corporate America, Gaussian statistics, deterministic interpretations of the world around us, and rational utilitarian models have long dominated the decision-making process. The fields of Behavioral Economics, Psychology, and Human-Centered modes of thinking have disrupted these lines of thinking and any business decision-maker would be wise to understand core concepts from them to succeed. The content following this paragraph is a composition of different topics/ideas I’ve come across through books I’ve read and insights I’ve stumbled upon. While a few have already been adopted in mainstream-business circles at this time, others are still gaining prominence. On Motivation In his book…...

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Mohammed Siddiqui Studied Business and International Relations at Carnegie Mellon. Interested in geopolitics, political economy, technological innovation, markets, international development, and consumer trends. I enjoy investing, working out, and drinking Raspberry Hot Chocolate.