Why Engaging With Right Crypto Exchange Matters

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Crypto Exchange - Image via Shutterstock

Cryptocurrencies, especially bitcoins, have shown tremendous growth so far when compared to gold and the U.S.Dollar. In June 2020, the price of bitcoin has increased by 27.8% year-on-year, while gold and the U.S.dollar have grown by 16% and 5.4%respectively. Investors’ interest in cryptocurrencies continues to grow with every passing day. A large number of investors are increasingly trading in crypto and its derivatives. Sadly, it is not just the investors who have vested their interest in the crypto market, but also the hackers and the fraudsters. Recent scams include the DeFi protocol Balancer hack and the Wirecard scandal. The sheer…...

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Deepa Ramachandra I am a technology enthusiast, passionate about exploring ways of using tech for social good. I started by writing on Enterprise Blockchain and the Social Impact of Blockchain and Digital Currencies. Now, I pen articles on the blockchain, AI, and analytics solutions for various environmental issues - climate change and biodiversity loss.