Confessions — I Absolutely Don’t Love Bitcoin

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And neither should you

It’s to become rich.

Money or an investment

There is a lot of discussion by true cryptocurrency experts who mention how a cryptocurrency can become a global currency or help the unbanked people of the world. There is nothing wrong with that. These are definite benefits to these communities. Many people need a way to pay for items when they lack a banking infrastructure. This will be a true blessing in their eyes.

Bitcoin’s future

As I mentioned, Bitcoin is not my favorite cryptocurrency. If this were ten years ago when Bitcoin was trading for pennies compared to the $10,000 price tag today, I would love to own several Bitcoins.

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This was exactly what the Winklevoss twins did after they setteled with Mark Zuckerberg over who created Facebook. Now they’re Bitcoin Billionaires.

Unfortunately, I don’t plan to wait for years to accumulate more Bitcoin as the price will more than likely increase. This year alone, Bitcoin has risen from a low of $4012 to $10,495 as I write this.

Is Time on your side?

Bitcoin could rise to one of those predictions, but you are looking at time. How long are you willing to wait to see Bitcoin reach this price?

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