Left-Brain v Right-Brain. Doesn’t Really Matter. Be Flexible In Your Thinking

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According to conventional wisdom, people tend to have a personality, thinking style, or way of doing things that are either left-brained or right-brained. Those who are right-brained are supposed to be intuitive and creative free thinkers, they experience the world in a descriptive and subjective way. Meanwhile, left-brained people tend to be more analytical and methodical; they pay attention to details and are ruled by logic. People are happy to label themselves this or that. I am not a scientist, but the way I see it (in my non-scientific mind) is that we all have one brain with two sides…...

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Joanne Reed Joanne Reed is the author of "This Is Your Quest – Your Mission: To Experience Happiness Along the Way". Stories teach us about life, about ourselves, and about others. She discovered the art of blogging a year ago and writes about anything that nourishes and educates the mind with a zest of philosophy, plenty of good vibes, and this little je ne sais quoi.