How to Imagineer Your Dream Life with a Financial Advisor

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Thinking back to the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic in March 2020 most of us look at this highly volatile period and review how our investments have performed. I know for a fact some of my readers have performed extraordinarily. In times of crisis, there’s always opportunity as well.

1. You are a Normal Human Being with Emotions

Some people get their endorphins boosted when markets climb higher, and their reptilian brains triggered when markets are dropping fast.

Investing is not gambling.

Gambling or investing? Staying disciplined no matter what is the winning formula.

2. You keep close track of Financial News Daily

The financial media is not here to make you richer!

Economics of eyeballs, clickbait is designed to get attention… nothing else. Beware.

Time in the market is more important than timing the markets.

Maintain your long-term perspective!

3. You may not have specific Investment Goals

Why do people save?

4. It’s not just about Numbers, it’s about Your Life

The best financial advice and planning doesn’t just revolve around numbers and statements. It’s not just about money, it’s about you!

Start with your why!

5. How do you Picture Your Life one Year, five Years, ten Years from now?

The average financial advice is built to help you sail through your 9–5 till 65. Is this really what you’d like to do? Average? Is this how you imagine your life to turn out?

Losers dream their life, winners live their dreams.

6. You may be unaware of Tax Implications of Your Investments

This is probably the point where the actual value of financial advice can be directly measured in numbers. Taxes and costs usually diminish returns by much more than you could imagine — over time.

Most folks would be surprised by how much money they could free-up by optimizing their taxes alone!

7. How do you feel about Your current Financial Plan?

Depending on your current financial situation and plan, this may be the key question to ask yourself: How far have you come and how much further would you like to go?

Team-up with an expert coach to reach new heights!

8. Is your Family or Partner involved in these Conversations?

In the best situation both of your goals are aligned!

Life is a give and take.

Include your family or partner into your dream and financial planning.

This was the last 5-year plan I created with my wife. We crushed all goals as a dream team: Together!


As you’ve been reading the above, you could feel how the true value-add of financial advice is extremely hard to capture or quantify? Engaging an advisor may be a choice made of convenience or a way to get additional confidence on board. It could be made from an ambition to reach your goals faster and better. It could be made out of frustration.

Enchanté, this is me, Matt | Financial Imagineer. My favourite motto: Create EVERY DAY!
Matthias Richter Matthias Richter is a financially independent wealth manager, entrepreneur, and personal finance blogger at Financial Imagineer. He used to represent the two large Swiss Banks in Asia managing assets of wealthy Asian clients spanning over three decades. With his blog, his mission is to spread financial literacy by passing his experience from helping the ultra-wealthy to anybody interested to imagineer their own life using money as a tool.

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  1. I loved your part about the financial news and their goal!!
    Now, for something different. I am not really convinced that having a financial advisor is the best for certain groups of people. I agree if you intend to invest more than a million and you get a dedicated private wealth manager at UBS or something. and I agree that it makes sense if you know a lot about finance so that you can discuss with them on the same level and challenge their moves and watch over their shoulders.
    but as long as it is small amounts sub 100k and as long as you do not have much clue what they are doing, I fear that they have other agendas to follow so that you get screwed many times.
    Probably there are many honest wealth managers out there, but from the many bad ones with conflicts of interest, it is maybe better to start the journey yourself. I wrote an article about this how it is maybe best to start building your financial knowledge yourself.

  2. this was my story from this summer:

    I’d be happy if someone wrote any feedback to it.

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