Clearness Committees: A Proven Path to Decision-Making Clarity

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+ 7 reasons why you need your own  In a world of so many big decisions, the quest for clarity often feels like navigating an endless maze while blindfolded. Whether it’s choosing a career path, your next job within that path, or wrestling with complex personal dilemmas, the range of options and opinions can leave us more confused than clear. This is why you need a clearness committee— a powerful decision-making tool rooted in the Quaker tradition but universally applicable to our lives.  In this article, I’ll explore the profound benefits of investing in your own clearness committee while shedding light…...

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Ryan Fahey Hi, I am Ryan Fahey, a 3x Author, Business Owner, and Educator From Ottawa, Canada. I am most concerned about the same topic that I am equally passionate about - wellbeing. As a remote worker, I am deeply curious how we can continue to maintain our wellbeing in order to thrive in remote working environments.