Icon: The Embodiment Of Democracy And The Free Market

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Democracy: A Short Analysis The conception of democracy began millennia ago, with its origins in Ancient Greece and Ancient India, particularly, Athens. Citizens voted directly on legislation and executive bills, however, the democracy of Athens was far more primitive than our contemporary paradigm of global democracy. Within Athens, approximately 30% of the population could vote, siphoning equality and equity from the political paradigm of democracy as we know and understand it today. Women could not vote, foreigners could not vote, nor could slaves vote; you had to be a male citizen within Athens to obtain the unique privilege to vote…...

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Corey J Costa I am a student currently studying History and Adolescent Education with aspirations to become a College Professor. Hope can enable students to strive for happiness, peace, love and purpose in their lives. My love of learning brought me into the world of cryptocurrency which has changed my life mentally and financially forever! I hope to share this same knowledge with as many people as I possibly can through the loving art of teaching; the acquisition of knowledge is our biggest strength!