Investment Will be Crucial for Survival

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Start learning, it’s going to be every individual for themselves.

Unless we’re hitting a six figure salary, chances are we’re not saving up much.

From experience, I can tell you — forget about owning a house if you’re earning $100,000 / Year in Sydney, Australia.

The Government is helping, and that’s all great — but it comes to down to every individual to start thinking for themselves.

The Superannuation Fund Access Law might help, but even then there’s a lot more ground to cover before we can think about saving.

What do we do then?

Well, I’m not one to raise a problem if I can’t provide a viable solution.

I believe in the Heath-care industry, I believe good research and a great management will pay-off.

The wonderful thing about this is, these stocks aren’t expensive to purchase.

They’re penny-stocks — High Risk, Sure?

Proper research tells me Immuno-Oncology, is where I’ll put my money.

But there’s a lot of options, so how we do pick something that makes sense?

I’m no scientist, I don’t know much about cancer research.

Doesn’t matter.

Look at the credentials of the individuals running the company, how much they’ve investment, how much they have to lose, what their experience is, and most importantly their track record.

I choose IMU:ASX, Imugene.


The Management:

Leslie Chong, CEO — Previously Genentech, Roche.

A Brilliant Scientist, with a solid experience — trying to improve on an industry she has upwards of 10 years of experience in.

Paul A. Hopper, Biotech — entrepreneur.

Hopper has a brilliant background in finding great companies working within Biotech to invest in. His track record? He sent Viralytics Stock sky-high.

Viralytics Chart Post
Viralytics Chart Post Takeover.

Except, in the case of Imugene — He takes a more personal approach, he’s got a substantial sum invested in the company and has chosen the people wisely.

Dr. Axel Hoos, Senior Vice President and Therapeutic Area Head, Oncology R&D at GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceuticals (GSK).

With a team with credentials like the ones mentioned above, and the stock trading below $0.022, I’d take my chances.

Why do I think Imugene is special?

Imugene has taken a unique approach to Immunotherapy and fighting cancer. They’re focusing on B-Cell and hoping to develop Her-Vaxx, a vaccine which uses the human body’s immune system to fight cancer cells.

It’s a science that is being tested and proven, with companies such as Genentech; already on board.

Does Imugene has a chance, the results would say yes — but as with any investment, there are chances things can go wrong.

— Fair Disclaimer, Please do your research.

This Article is part of Series of Investments that I’m personally interested in.

The opinions expressed are simply my own, and hence one should do their own research.

I’ll be publishing more Investments that I find interesting, but as always — they’re just my opinions.

Please do your own research before investing.

Nabeel Tahir Nabeel is a research analyst and CEO of Honeycomb, a private investment consultation business, which is based out of both the U.A.E. and Pakistan. Previous he worked in the academic research field at the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia, where he completed his research doctorate in Cyber/Computer Forensics and Counterterrorism.

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