Forget about Oil, Water is the future.

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We’re not running out of alternatives for fuel.

The energy sector was once a booming glory of investors, no matter the market’s state — the argument could always be made for Liquid Gold.


The Pinnacle of all investors, the mother-load of the energy sector.

Little do we realise, it’s not about the now — it’s about what’s ahead.

To put it pragmatically, we’re not running out of alternatives for energy.

We’re running out of alternatives for water.

The most crucial resource, one that we’ve abused and overlooked for far too long; one that makes up a larger portion of the Earth than Oil does.

Investment strategist often use charts and statistics to dodge laser beams.

To the average investor, that makes absolutely no sense.

There’s absolutely no chart to predict the next market collapse, and neither is a chart which predicts political instability.

Yet, throughout history we’ve relied heavily on Oil.

Wars have been wages in pursuit of this magical resource.

Yet, hardly anyone is taking notice of how many alternatives there are to the unforgiving fuel of mother-nature.

Water, is a resource we’re undoubtedly running out of.

A resource, in due time; could even become the epitome of Model Investment.

Believe it or not, purifying water is one of the most viable solutions of sustaining it.

Hence, my endeavour to research what work was being carried out in pursuit of water purification took its course.

A discovery was made, an opportunity that looks far too interesting for me to ignore.

Is it promising? I believe so.

Is it going to make you rich in the next few years? Probably not.

Is it sustainable? Certainly.

Crypto, SeCurrency, Hardware Tech, Software Tech — take your pick.

I’ll bet on Water.

Since, water is survival — and once necessity strikes; as history has taught us many times before, human’s resort to the bare essentials.




We’ve got alternatives for Food and Electricity.

Water though, is irreplaceable.

The only viable solution will be to purify bodies of water, bodies of water which sustain farmland, providing us with food.

Water which could even power Hydro Electricity.

I’m still betting on Water.

It may not be now, and it may not be for the next Five years — but if you’re looking to invest in the future, Water is where I’m willing to put my money down.

Hence, my stock pick Phoslock (ASX: PET) Previously (ASX: PHK).

Currently, Phoslock does not look like it’s in a financially stable condition; it’s draining cash as it pours capital into further research and development.

Whilst the company does hold contracts and testing within the Chinese market, the reliance of the product is highly dependant on adaptability and Government regulation for Water Purification.

For a further technical analysis, I’d suggest reading the following article.

Why do I believe Phoslock could be a winner?

The simplicity and versatility.

The two main reasons why I find Phoslock to be an interesting contender, for my personal investment.

Simplicity, because the product simply requires to be spread across a body of water as it settles on the bed beneath to prevent phosphorous, as it seals it beneath it’s chemical binding layer; providing a cleaner body of water above as it sponges and locks in the layers of pollution.

Versatility, because the product is not simply limited to locking phosphorous — as highlighted within the prospectus of the company, further developments into the product could and may result in uses far beyond farm-land water.
Providing a cleaner source of water for sustain ocean-life; hence combining itself with the Fishing Industry.

Currently, the share trading at $ 0.42 AUD (at the time of writing).

I’d wait to see a further decline in the share, before making a purchase at an estimate of between $ 0.38–0.40 / share.


As always, I do wish to advise that this is my personal opinion. Whilst, Phoslock is a prominent contender within the Water Purification industry; it’s certainly not the only one.
Should the analysis provide help, I would recommend researching further in companies that are working on similar products and goals.

I am in no way affiliated or financially motivated to make the investment suggestions cited within this article.

Fair Disclosure: 

This is an opinion which I hold, one must — as always, conduct their own research before investing. Opinions expressed within this article are my own personal findings and I am in no way affiliated with the companies I recommend or cite within my report.
The findings are based on personal investment research and the investment opportunities outlined are High Conviction and Extremely Risky.
Hence, I do wish to implore that one carry out their own research before making a considerable investment.
As such, I wish to stress upon the fact that one must conclude and form their own opinion through proper research and due-diligence, or consult with a Professional Financial Advisor for their investment goals.

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Nabeel Tahir Nabeel is a research analyst and CEO of Honeycomb, a private investment consultation business, which is based out of both the U.A.E. and Pakistan. Previous he worked in the academic research field at the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia, where he completed his research doctorate in Cyber/Computer Forensics and Counterterrorism.

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