We blocked access to Social Media, it caused an outrage.

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Addiction, we can’t visibly recognise. At a recent research study, based upon the work of previous findings — we wanted to conduct a simple experiment. Block Social Media access at random times on Campus WiFi. Now fair-disclosure, since the study is still being conducted, I’m not at liberty to go into details. But yet it made for interesting share, hence here goes the experience. We programmed a script, to randomly block Social Media access during specific Lecture Theaters — this way we could visibly view the reaction of the students. At first, it was a calm and soothing mechanism —…...

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Nabeel Tahir Nabeel is a research analyst and CEO of Honeycomb, a private investment consultation business, which is based out of both the U.A.E. and Pakistan. Previous he worked in the academic research field at the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia, where he completed his research doctorate in Cyber/Computer Forensics and Counterterrorism.