Evolution of Value Investing: How it has Changed Since the Days of Graham

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Value investors are thought to be a staid lot. Spendthrift, and always looking to the long term. The key principles of value investing have not changed since Benjamin Graham picked up his first cigar butt. But beneath the surface, things are quite different now. Before we examine how value investing today is different from value investing as practiced by Graham, let’s look at the ideas that remain the same. The Enduring Principles of Value Investing At the very basic, value investing means paying less than the intrinsic value of an asset. If you ever bought something at a discount, you…...

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Shailesh Kumar Shailesh Kumar has been value investing since 1998 and runs a value investing site at valuestockguide.com. An MBA from University of Michigan Ross School of Business, Shailesh has consulted with Fortune 100 senior leadership on management and strategic issues, before quitting the corporate life to run his own entrepreneurial ventures. He is a widely followed value investor focusing on small cap value stocks. He lives in Michigan. You can find him running or hiking when not buried under a stack of financial reports.