Data Science

How to get the latest commodity pricing in Google Sheet

Google sheet has easy macros to get price of US stocks and currency, but not for gold or silver. Here’s easy...
Minhaz Vadakekara
4 min read

Recommendation Engines: Making Better Choices

One of the most telling traits of the companies of the new digital era is the ability to deliver actionable recommendations....
Andrey Koptelov
2 min read

Data: It takes a village, but the buck has to stop somewhere

I’ve said many times: too often, an existing function implicitly assumes data responsibilities in organizations that struggle with data management (for...
Michiko Wolcott
4 min read

Skills-Based Learning Is On The Rise And Here’s Why

While traditional formal education in the US has continued to thrive, changes are occurring to better meet system demands. While in...
Mohammed Siddiqui
3 min read

How Smart Investors Use Alternative Intelligence Data to Discover Opportunities

Investors these days need all the edges they can get. Information is widely available, and there is no shortage of smart...
Ashok Sharma
3 min read

I think I’m responsible for data… am I?

It’s more times than I can count on one hand. A business or technology leader tells me they have a lot...
Michiko Wolcott
4 min read

Fauna’s Off-Chain Data Storage For DApps

The blockchain landscape has seen tremendous growth due to the emergence of decentralized applications or DApps. These are applications built on top of Layer...
Vincent Tabora
4 min read

Why We Invested In Klivo — Chronic Disease Management Platform

Excited to announce our investment alongside Valor Capital in the R$ 45M ($8M) series A of Klivo which provides a chronic...
Amit Garg
2 min read

The Quality of Analytics Practice: Making It Happen

In my previous blog, “Who is looking after the quality of your analytics?”, I talked about what it meant to ensure...
Michiko Wolcott
5 min read

GPT-3 writes like a writer, programs like a programmer, and can be … dangerous

In July 2021, the tech industry commented on GPT-3’s abilities, which amazed both programmers and writing professionals. Their raves on the...
Norbert Biedrzycki
5 min read

Who is looking after the quality of your analytics?

We talk a lot about using analytics to improve the quality of something else. But when was the last time you...
Michiko Wolcott
6 min read

Let’s Talk About How Data Biases Affect an AI Prediction

Data is the fuel of Artificial Intelligence (AI). This is my opinion after researching this idea, but probably many experts would...
Yattish Ramhorry
8 min read