Facts Denialism – The human ability to dismiss facts and truth that hurts

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As human beings, we tend to dismiss facts that obstruct our underpinnings. We keep finding innovative ways to conceal how we truly feel or think. For instance, we’re aware of the lockdown being lifted and the reemergence and hike in the cases. We know we need to stay indoors for our safety yet many are ignorant and are found dawdling on the streets without masks or a purpose in crowded areas. Like Trump’s disregard for wearing masks in the public notwithstanding expert advice. One of the reasons the virus is spreading more rapidly is that people are unwilling to choose…...

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shivangi agrawal I currently work as a strategy consultant. I have a background in Investment Banking and Finance. I'm passionate about Behavioral Economics and Entrepreneurship. I believe human insights combined with data can drive investment and business decisions at scale. I want to contribute in making people aware of their own biases and help them make better decisions everyday.