Crypto Diaries: Blockchain upgrades & Trading innovations

The past week saw the Cryptos reaching new highs as the recovery from the lows of Dec. 2018 continued. Leading the...
Faisal Khan
3 min read

LinkedIn Done Right is Almost Magic

Careers and LinkedIn often intertwine. Looking for a job? Are you on LinkedIn? The social media venue conjures up different reactions...
Jim Katzaman
5 min read

The skewed distribution of Wealth

The household wealth varies greatly across the Global financial spectrum depending on where you live, access to financial services & markets...
Faisal Khan
2 min read

What are Security Tokens? – An Overview of STO

If you are somewhat familiar with the world of blockchain, you might have noticed in the last few months a great...
Bingran Lu
3 min read

Tech Diaries: Apple’s reinvention, Starlink launch & Microsoft’s pivot towards blockchain

Welcome to the first edition of Tech Diaries – my new blogging series about important issues pertaining to the tech world....
Faisal Khan
4 min read

A Complete Guide to Equity Research – Part 1

Equity Analyst Reports Part 1 This article will be the first in a three-part series that examines equity research. The equity...
Jinghao Ke
3 min read

AI And The Future Of The Streamlined Supply Chain

Bad deliveries drive away customers. In 2018, 84% of customers were unlikely to shop at the same retailer after a bad...
Brian Wallace
45 sec read

Identifying Disaster-related Tweets using NLP

Identifying disaster-related tweets using deep learning and natural language processing with Fast Ai I’m still taking the Fast Ai course and can’t...
Viridiana Romero
4 min read

Bitcoin supercharges the current bull run in Cryptos

If April showed the light at the end of the tunnel for the prolonged downturn in Cryptocurrencies, May has propelled the...
Faisal Khan
4 min read

The Re-escalation of Trade war & its implications

The U.S stocks managed to close up last Friday after overcoming a deficit of more than 350 points with the Dow...
Faisal Khan
3 min read

How a Small Business Owner Can Qualify for a Loan and Avoid Debt

If you are aspiring to be a small business owner, you know that financing a small business is no cakewalk. Your...
Patricia Sanders
2 min read

Smart E-commerce Pricing Strategy Using Web Scraping

A failure story: Suppose you have 50 pairs of Thug life sunglasses which cost you $33 in total. Based on cost-based...
Ashley Han
3 min read