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The Value of Trees and Combating Global Warming

The planet is burning, flooding, melting, and cooking. To save it and humanity our thinking and behaviors must change. We must be open to new ideas and not ignore the vast amount of knowledge...
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Digital Twins

Digital twins may help modify some of the most complex object management processes Virtual representations of physical objects, gracefully dubbed digital twins, are replacing physical prototypes. Their most fascinating feature is their ability to communicate...
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Give and Take of “History Repeats Itself”

The Human Predisposition to self-inflict the Recurrent Communal Guiding principles thru the Notion of the Collective Conscience History is the story of living people and their immediate environment. That is what every soul leaves behind...
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Globalism is Uttering Universalism. What is Next?

One Fundamental fact for the Modern Populace under the Notion of an Interconnected Planet Globalism is an evolving nomenclature in our contemporary era, but not a new concept. In its “modern sense,” globalism is the...