3 Best Portfolio Construction Techniques you need to know in 2023

3 Best Portfolio Construction Techniques you need to know in 2023

2022 was an unprecedented year in the investing landscape, with record losses across stocks and bonds. US equities posted a loss...
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A pencil and watercolor drawing of a patient that runs away from a stressed posh doctor with a syringe in his hand

Patients, Not Patents, Will Shape Life Science

Why M&A strategy focusing on selling low-margin business inhibits innovation, lowers entry barriers, dilutes expertise, and weakens patient ties In the last...
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Asymptotes everywhere

An asymptote is a straight line that constantly approaches a given curve but does not meet at any infinite distance. In other...
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How to live off dividends

How much do you need to invest to live off dividends?

This year wasn’t easy for many. I hope you didn’t sell anything and I encourage you again to hold your stocks...
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Economics = Mathematics + Psychology or My Psychological New Year Wis...

I am an economist-mathematician by training. Therefore, I know that mathematical equations can describe qualitative economic relationships pretty well. That’s the...
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These Are The Reasons Why Tesla Stock (TSLA) Is A Buy Right Now

Legendary value investor Warren Buffett once said, “Be fearful when others are greedy, and greedy when others are fearful.” My parents...
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The Merger and Acquisition Shopping Experience

Digital improvements have transformed shoppers’ mindsets, and firms can use new best practices to buy or sell assets. Digital technology has...
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To Be Or Not To Be? 4 Principles For Investing In A Startup VS VC Fund

Almost every day I get asked about how investing in a VC fund is different from a startup. So this is...
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Should You Buy High-Yielding Monthly-Paying Dividend Stocks Using Marg...

The secret to building wealth lies in leveraging your money and using debt. I forgot where I heard this, but with...
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best brokers for dividend investing best brokerage for dividend investing best broker for dividend investing how much do brokers charge how are dividends taxed in a brokerage account how much do investment brokers make dividend stocks in brokerage account

Which brokerage is the best for dividend investing?

This question is a really hard one for many out there because it isn’t easy to change after a month or...
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The Persistent Failure Of Merger and Acquisition deals and why

M&A is not about transforming a company. It is about understanding what stays the same while everything else changes. Every day, we...
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How to understand Earnings Report earnings report 10q earnings reports 10q filing earnings report stocks how to read earnings report what does 10q mean How to read earnings report

Be prepared for Earnings Season. What you need to know.

Even those investors who are vaguely familiar with the market know that ‘earnings season‘ happens four times a year, with companies...
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