Economic Policy

Fiscal Policy v. Monetary Policy

If you want to understand taxes, inflation, spending and interest rates, you should know the difference between fiscal policy and monetary...
Cynthia Wylie
4 min read

High-Interest rates Subsidized Student Loans, a Double-edged Sword for the Needy

The U.S. The Department of Education offers Low-Interest Loans to Eligible Students to help cover the Cost of Schooling Education is...
Adam Tabriz, MD
3 min read

We can Homogenize the Global Market without Globalization

Looking back at the history of human evolution and its associated socioeconomic obstacles, we can observe how to overcome the disparity...
Adam Tabriz, MD
11 min read

A Policy Shift that Takes From the Poor and Gives to the Rich

I remember when I was working on my PhD in economics at Georgetown, one of my classmates actually called Paul Volcker...
Cynthia Wylie
53 sec read

Just how Limited are Kamala Harris’s Economic Policies?

Insight on how the 2020 election can impact your wallet or not budge it at all. Most people are somewhat aware...
Alexander Lago
4 min read

I am a Baby Boomer, and this is the story of how my generation let the great wealth divide happen

Featuring The Maine Capital Corporation of 1976 Established in the wake of a newly centralized United States Economy, Legal status disclosure:...
Susan Mackenzie Andersen
27 min read

Globalization’s future is more fragile than we know

The Present and Past crisis says it all, but these too shall pass! Pankaj Ghemawat, a professor at NYU’s Stern School...
Balakrishna V
2 min read
Photo by Tom Parsons on Unsplash

Underprivileged has fewer options- even with the Nordic Healthcare System!

We all discern that everyone deserves “Quality Healthcare.” Besides, there is no argument; we all needed it yesterday, and- not merely...
Adam Tabriz, MD
15 min read

Is America on the Brink of Collapse?

The Coronavirus outbreak could be the straw that broke the camels back Lockdown has led to pockets of protests across America....
Paul Abela
4 min read

WTO Paralysis Demonstrates America’s Dominance of Global Trade

Mr. Trump ruthlessly side-lined the WTO. The US now understands its power over trade, because Trump knows you either use it...
William Murphy
7 min read

Could Modern Monetary Theory Save America?

I Become President For A Day To Apply Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) To The US Economy Politicians and academics are making...
William Murphy
7 min read