Do I Need A Technical Cofounder? A Guide For Startups

If you are asking the question then what you are fundamentally asking is about the kind of company you are building....
Amit Garg
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How To Truly Measure A Venture Capitalist’s Performance?

Wall Street Journal: Andreessen Horowitz’s Returns Trail Venture-Capital Elite TechCrunch: AngelList wants to improve comparing VC fund performance with new metrics...
Amit Garg
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Why Found A Startup During A Crisis? 4 Key Reasons

At Tau Ventures we have the privilege of interacting with dozens of entrepreneurs on a daily basis. Given our focus on...
Amit Garg
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So A VC Passed On You? 4 Ways To Turn The As*Hole Into An Ally

At Tau Ventures we get 4-5 pitches a day, almost a 1000 a year, and end up investing in 3-4.  A...
Amit Garg
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5 Important VC Insider Ideas You Need to Know

The market has changed but it’s still a great time for startups. Unlike the stock market, there is no daily ticker...
Kit Merker
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Want A Good Acquisition? 5 Ways Startups Can Get A Win-Win

A crisis puts pressure on both slowing down and accelerating startup acquisitions. Slows down because many acquirers, especially corporates, become more...
Amit Garg
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How Startups Can Help Fix Our Broken Healthcare Infrastructure — The Unbundling Of The Hospital

A pandemic exposes the flaws in our society, healthcare very much included. While meaningful improvements require all 5 Ps — Payors,...
Amit Garg
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The Rise of European Fintech Startups

Startups are now the future, and it’s in the fintech industry where this growth is most evident. While places like Silicon...
Sophia Turing
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Startups And The Bull Case For GovTech

Measuring and monitoring water, gas, electricity through off the shelf sensors and analyzing the data to detect flaws and improve efficiency. ...
Amit Garg
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Crisis? 5 Principles For Startups To Still Raise Seed

This is Part II of a series, Part I was Crisis? 3 Ways VCs Adapt. There is a global crisis going...
Amit Garg
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5 things you should know about Disruptive Innovation that most people don’t understand

Do you really understand the principles described in Disruptive Innovation by Clayton Christensen? Here is a quick guide to help you....
Frank Spevak
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The Sharpe Ratio Paradox: Why Still Invest In Venture Capital?

Sharpe ratio is a way of quantifying returns based on risk, specifically it is the average return earned in excess of...
Amit Garg
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