The Mystery that is Compound Interest

In my article “Why we need to teach Personal Finance” I have already alluded to the damage compound interest can do....
Merle van den Akker
7 min read

Pay Yourself First

Money comes in. Money goes out. Bills, debt repayment, groceries, etc. After all that, how’s your saving strategy going? Many of...
Merle van den Akker
3 min read

Budgeting is Key in Obtaining the Lifestyle You What

Finances can be rough to talk about – but the conversation is neccessary. 62% of those with a budget say it...
Brian Wallace
56 sec read

How to Build a Successful Goal

We have many desires in life. To be successful, rich, well-liked, healthy, respected, desired, attractive, and many more. For some people,...
Merle van den Akker
4 min read

Don’t pay later, pay NOW!

The idea of buying on credit, meaning you get your product now and the bill (the pain of paying) later, is...
Merle van den Akker
3 min read

We Need To Start Teaching Personal Finance in Education NOW

If there is one thing the crisis has taught us, is that no one seems to have a clue what’s going...
Merle van den Akker
8 min read

How 20 Minutes a Day can Save Your Finances

There never seems to be any time for introducing changes to your life. Especially big changes simply seem too daunting to...
Merle van den Akker
2 min read

6 Steps to Make You Spend LESS

A lot of Behavioural Science, and Behavioural Economics and Behavioural Finance are just as guilty of this. go on and on...
Merle van den Akker
7 min read

Digital Bytes Blockchain Round up – Week ending 12th October 2019

I deeply believe that money must remain in the hands of states. I am not comfortable with the idea that a...
Jonny Fry
11 min read

Making University Finances Easier

This September, just like every September of every year, thousands of 18+-year-olds are being sent off by their parents in pursuit...
Mikaela Kantor
3 min read

10 Rules for Easy Retirement – Avoid at Own Peril

Ready for comfy retirement? Ain’t gonna happen! In just about 3 years I will be eligible for pension by reaching 65...
Zack Podrug
15 min read

Payment Risk and Fraud-Demystified

Goal of this story Define Fraud and Payment risk and “WHO” is impacted? Payment risk and fraud — what’s the difference! Fraud prevention...
Sourabh Pandey
3 min read