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China – A Country of Superlatives

China's economic resurgence, military might & leadership in technology - all within a short span of 30-40 years has been no less than an impressive feat. The most populous country on the planet &...
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Unconditional Basic Income Is All Good, Despite What the Nay-Sayers Tell You

I’m a little miffed. I read a lot of comments on social media and published articles about universal basic income. There is a lot to like about it. I follow the information because, as...
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European Central Bank President: It’s the “How?” not the “Who?”

Synopsis: The President of the European Central Bank (ECB), Mario Draghi is set to step down later this year and the race to replace him is not short of Qualified candidates. Whilst his replacement...
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Universal Basic Income

With the threat of automation, a possible recession, and other societal problems, people have been calling for a Universal Basic Income. In 2018, nearly half of Americans supported this idea in hopes to reduce...
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Brexit Impact on Pound & UK Economy so far…

The never-ending saga of Brexit now has a new deadline - Oct. 31, 2019 by which the Brits have to decide whether they want to exit with or without a deal from the EU....
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Will the Big Banks be able to hold up against the Fintech challenge?

The legacy financial services are trying desperately to gain a competitive edge over the innovative Fintechs. Despite having all the traditional advantages - network infrastructure, solid balance sheets, regulatory approvals, physical footprint & established...