Correction Is Here? What To Expect On Startup Valuations And Round Dynamics Moving Forward

The two years between Jan 1, 2020 to Jan 1, 2022 have been especially bullish for startup fundraising – (i) more...
Amit Garg
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Perfecting Your Pitch Deck? 10 Practices For Entrepreneurs

Pitch decks are a topic of permanent debate, no matter how much has been written about them. As such, this article...
Amit Garg
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Go To Market – 3 Ways Startups Can Hack It

At Tau we get 2,000+ decks per person per year. Many talk very well about the vision but often don’t talk...
Amit Garg
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What can Fix the London Stock Exchange’s ‘Dinosaur’ Image?

The prosperity of the London Stock Exchange has become increasingly essential to the economic wellbeing of the United Kingdom in the...
Dmytro Spilka
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Convertible vs SAFE — 5 Practical Principles For Startups

Raising a round and considering whether to do convertible or SAFE? Remember that convertible is debt that turns into equity based...
Amit Garg
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No place at the table without this one table

An introduction to cap tables “Our potential investors asked as to present the cap table. What is he/she looking for?” I’ve...
Jan Mozer
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Is Life Science industry healthy?

“Shoemaker’s son always goes barefoot“ Anyone reading the news about Life Science companies would believe that everything is OK for them,...
Flavio Aliberti
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Common? Preferred? Founder? Making Sense Of Startup Shares

1) Preferred vs Common Historically there have been two types of stock: preferred and common. Preferred is for investors, common for...
Amit Garg
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So Your VC Wants To Invest More? 5 Practical Tips For Entrepreneurs

If your VC wants to invest more in you then you have a good problem in your hands. Here are five...
Amit Garg
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What is Up With These Mega Rounds? Making Sense Of The Startup Market

$530M round: Snyk snags another $530M as valuation rises to $8.5B $400M round: Cityblock Health raises another mega-round of funding, tipping...
Amit Garg
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Signaling Risk? How Early Startups Can Work Best With Big Funds

Signaling risk typically happens when a large fund comes into an early round, creating an expectation in the market that they...
Amit Garg
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The Age of The Millennial Investor: How The World of Investment is Set to be Influenced by a New Generation of Trader

Covid-19 has carried with it a wide range of disruptive influences across countless industries. While there was an initial significant adverse...
Dmytro Spilka
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