Chinese purchases

Why China is Forced to Purchase US Debt

It has become conventional wisdom among ordinary people to think that Chinese purchases of US Treasuries are the “generosity” of the...
Sukhayl Niyazov
2 min read

Trump Republicans and Big Business Are Heading for Divorce

As America’s favorite pundit, Forrest Gump, might put it, the Republican Party and big business go together like peas and carrots....
Jerry Bowles
4 min read
Toxic Culture

A Very Real Taboo: Toxic Culture Threatens Everyone

Toxic cultures are diseases that feed from anything they touch, making productive work impossible. Such poisonous conditions harm any job environment...
Jim Katzaman
4 min read
Return to Politics

Will Obama Return to Politics?

Former President Barack Obama is arguably the most popular living former president. Not only is he a global presence with a...
Fred Romero
8 min read

France: Debt Woes are Overstated

Synopsis: Debt levels in the public sector have been on an uptrend since the GFC, matching the trend seen in most...
Henri Kouam Tamto
3 min read

Chronicle Fatigue Syndrome: Why News Saturation is More Dangerous than Fake News

On July 17, 2014, Malaysian Airline flight MH-17 was shot down over Eastern Ukraine by a BUK surface-to-air missile killing all...
Rob Healy
5 min read

Fixing Politics Means Updating Our Democratic System

At one point or another, we’ve all complained about our politicians. We’re all familiar with their patterns of behavior. What I...
Sylvain Rochon
6 min read

Facebook Faces the Music of Racism in Banishment of White Nationalism and Separatism.

Lots of “ism’s” there but Facebook’s used to all this controversy, right? Seriously, you have to hand it to Mr. Zuckerberg...
Pierre Roustan
1 min read

The International Relations Debt Crisis

By Calling in US Debt at the Most (in)Opportune Moment, China Can End America’s Ability to Enforce International Sanctions Much is...
Will Staton
2 min read

Doing Business in China: How to optimize your operations

China is a popular business hub for both local and foreign companies. Setting a physical presence in a country that offers...
Rilind Elezaj
2 min read

An Uphill Battle: Investment Culture Finds Its Match in Germany

By Claudio Brocado and Anthony Claudio Brocado This is the second installment in my new approach of collaboration with friends and...
Claudio Brocado
5 min read

EU’s Article 13, and how it affects “you” as a creator.

The Copyright Law that is about more than just “Meme-Control”. Let’s unpack this subject in a manner that we can all...
Nabeel Tahir
4 min read

The Italian Story: Easy Math, Somewhat Complicated Economics, Extremely Complex Politics

In recent weeks I have been covering the current Italian stalemate with the European Union regarding the Mediterranean country’s 2019 budget....
Claudio Brocado
2 min read

The Dawn Of A New Day In Germany

Germany has been front-page news around the world lately, as perhaps there is Schadenfreude in some quarters regarding what appears to...
Claudio Brocado
3 min read