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It takes a village to take care of a patient

A Liberated village; or a Feudal dominion The Village of Healthcare must be personal and grassroots Most of us are familiar with the proverb- "It takes a village to raise a child." We have encountered its...
COVID-19, Coronavirus

COVID-19 crisis: From Neo-populist Rhetoric to Globalist instrument

The coronavirus pandemic is the epitome of a natural disaster. Indisputably, unlike many other expected adversities, the COVID-19 crisis could have been prevented, or at the very least, watered down to be situated less damaging...
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Human and artificial intelligence in capitalism

The surprising benefit of becoming old is in finding out that issues that intrigue and often scare younger generations are not unique at all. They are modern variants of previous experiences. In the 1960s,...
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21-st century Corporate medicine and the surge of Neo-Feudalism

Neo-feudalism, or the modern feudal ideology, is growing influential and widespread worldwide. Today neo-feudalism represents the epitome of the contemporary resurgence of codes of state, economy, and public life. Neo-Feudalism is reminiscent of those...
COVID, Vaccine

Anti-vaxxers take-home message from Coronavirus

The vaccine is a biological agent designed to produce actively acquired resistance to a specific infectious agent. It characteristically comprises a factor that, in part, resembles a microorganism. The alleged feature is either a...
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Cash is king, more potent than we think

On March 12, 2020, on the eve of President Trump declaring COVID-19 a national emergency, the New York Times reported that something weird had happened on Wall Street as traders ran for cash. They...
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WTO Paralysis Demonstrates America’s Dominance of Global Trade

Mr. Trump ruthlessly side-lined the WTO. The US now understands its power over trade, because Trump knows you either use it or lose it. Sometimes, what you don’t do matters most. On December 10th, 2019,...
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If Capitalism is a failure, then what is the Alternative?

In the current political sphere along its rhetorical voyage, we all can meet face to face with buzzwords such as Capitalism, socialism, liberal, or social Democracy. Those words are often within the legit context....
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Socialism, crony capitalism and the prevalent disregard for individual disposition

The Factual realm of humanity Within the field of existence, humans fall within the category of most social-oriented habitants. For centuries the civic human beings have astonishingly been capable of capturing the skills of their...
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Argentina – a warning to the United States and China

One can wonder why it is that North America is prosperous, but Latin America has fallen far behind. After all, about 500 years ago both started from the same point. Why did some end...
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Healthcare needs Physician Independence

The single fundamental factor that unravels the medical profession from the tread is its deep root in intimate human life. It is a liturgy, pertaining directly to a person's life. It is private and...
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Science and Money in the Climate Change Debate

… if we had one There is no public debate about climate change. On Medium, where I post my texts, there are thousands of articles about climate change. I read many of them and wrote...
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Intellectual Property Protection in China

According to WIPO Director-General, Francis Gurry, China «has given the issue of intellectual property a strategic role and has paid great attention to the value of intellectual property in various sectors of the economy». This...
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A Wrong Way About Huawei

In a recent article, the WSJ details how Huawei was propelled by Beijing’s billions. In the online version, the WSJ editors mark this text as a news exclusive. Indeed, the WSJ did extensive research...
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Nordic social program to welfare state capitalism

Two resorts distant from free-market capitalism The society or the world at large is the quintessence of every human being. As a spirited social existence, humans have an innate tendency to aggregate by inhabiting jointly...
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Subsidies and Crony Capitalism

Large corporations play a game with local and state governments for big dollars, but only one side puts up any money. Corporations try to convince bureaucrats to reward their companies for doing something that they...

Pacific Gas & Electronic: A silent Partner in the Unsustainable Golden State Economy of...

The state of California, with the 39.56 million in Population and Area of 163,696 square miles, has a net worth over $6 trillion or about $160,000 per resident. The Golden state keeps up 17...

Not All Protection is Bad

One thing that we overlook in the dialogue around the trade war narrative that has become a partisan issue is that not all protection is bad. The problem is that if you look at...

6 Conspiracy Theories Trump Peddled About Political Opponents Show What to Expect in 2020

The only way Trump can win is to make voters believe that his opponents are as bad as he is. Trump has repeatedly been shown to be incompetent, corrupt, and possibly insane. To make...

Surprise Medical Bills and the Abrupt Congressional Bill

Any soul with a sound judgment may concur healthcare is not a free service. Whether considered a government-run program or a private direct pay model, it will eventually require to be reimbursed for by...