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Making art with AI?  

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Vlad Alex
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Dear friends,

thank you for opening this discussion! I'm glad to find here open minds.

About the question "What is art": since the beginning of XX it became more than just a cultural element being measured by old art school metrics. Dadaists and other art avant-gardists changed the whole conception of art. They questioned the traditions and believed art is an open platform where everybody can contribute.

So I suppose, nowadays, art is rather a personal definition (which makes it hard for art market to evolve, hehe). Old definitions don't work anymore.

With AI we get something fully new in the field of creativity. AI is indeed trained on vast of art data (but our whole art history is "trained" as well). 

If you are interested on this topic, we can discuss about it more - and I can write more to DDI about it (since ART and AI is an astonishing combination and have to be examined).


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Michael Woronko
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I think it's a fascinating topic and combination as you say.. Normally, any discussion centered around AI ends up swirling back around to the usual overcooked topics.. Will it cause unemployment, will it become self-aware, will it bring us to a singularity, etc. but to venture into art and other realms that are so steeped in human meaning - that's exciting. 

Marina Alamanou
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I think it would be lovely to have a chat around ART and AI  

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